Turmeric for Dogs - Thinking Outside of the Bowl

An Australian newspaper has highlighted the use of turmeric for dogs in a recent article. The Courier Mail shines the light on the Vet behind the turmeric phenomenon, Doug English, along with his website Turmeric Life and his ever-growing Facebook group – the Turmeric User Group (TUG).

In the article written by Jodie Munro O’Brien, Mac the west highland terrier was fed Turmeric Golden Paste after he was diagnosed with a liver problem, heart disease and inflammatory bowel disease. “With turmeric added as part of his treatment, he was a different dog. It was like flicking the switch,” said his owner Megan (Click HERE for more success stories on Turmeric for Dogs).

Naturopath Lyndall Pinchin was also interviewed for the article and added that “It’s useful for heart health, circulation, brain health and as support therapy for some pets being treated for cancer.”

Although there were a few discrepancies in the article, the newspaper quickly corrected itself the following week, running a story on the turmeric group’s rapid rise and Doug English’s desire to start some scientific research on turmeric for animals.

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Who else is using turmeric for dogs? How do you prefer to feed it to your dog?